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Zahnarzt Vokabeln & Übersetzungen Englisch

Übersetzungen ins Englische beim Zahnarzt

I mean...

Sie sind im Ausland und müssen sich auf Englisch mit Ihrem Zahnarzt verständigen? Dann helfen Ihnen diese Übersetzungen weiter.

Generelle englische Vokabeln für Zähne & Zahnersatz


upper jaw

lower jaw








pressure on the gum


to extract a tooth

root canal treatment

continue the treatment

Englische Vokabeln bei akuten Zahnschmerzen

This tooth is aching slightly/badly/very badly.

I need to find a dentist.

This tooth aches when I eat/drink anything cold/hot/sweet.

This tooth is aching because it’s chipped/loose.

This filling/crown/bridge/implant is hurting me.

My dentures are broken and have to be repaired.

My dentures are rubbing – it’s hurting me to eat.

I have some inflammation around the gum.

The gum is swollen and painful.

I get very nervous about dental treatment.

Can I have an injection?

Englische Vokabeln Vorerkrankungen (Anamnese)

I have high blood pressure/asthma/diabetes.

I have a pacemaker fitted.

I have had a heart attack/a stroke/thrombosis.

I am taking Marcumar/anticoagulants/blood-thinning medication.

I am allergic to (type of medicine, e.g. Penicillin).

I am pregnant.

Englische Vokabeln nach der Behandlung beim Zahnarzt

Can you prescribe me some pain killers?

Is it safe for me to drive now?

How long before I can have something to eat / drink?

Is it safe for me to drink coffee/alcohol?

When can I start doing sports again?

Is that the end of the treatment? Do I need to come back again, or can I wait and see my own dentist when I get home?

Please can you write down what you’ve done, for my dentist? (English acceptable)

Can I please take the X-ray with me?

I don’t have a certificate of entitlement to medical benefits. Please make me out a bill for your treatment.

What do I have to do if it starts bleeding?